Factors That Affect The Home Tuition Rates in Singapore

The market tuition rates varies from teachers and tutors. It operates as a guideline.

The exact home tuition rates can vary based on the following things:

1. Teaching experience and Qualification of teacher and tutor.

2. Amount of subject matter. 1 Subject or perhaps 2 Subjects

In case you are asking for 1 subject, the tuition rate generally is of a similar rate but comes along with shorter hour, for example 1.5 hour weekly. For one subject matter such as Mathematics or science, it’s rather a challenging subject and skilled tutor might ask for a higher tuition fee. Certain tutors expect to have a different charge for two or Three subject matter, however the marketplace is quite transparent. The above mentined tuition fees are only for general guide.

Please note: Certain tutors are prepared to say yes to lower tuition rate. If you are able to wait for a couple of weeks, we are able to locate a tutor for your requirements. Don’t hesitate tell the tuition agency about your tuition budgets and requirements. They can look for the tutor who can fulfill your financial budget. Typically, all those tutor who resides nearby do not mind and can accept the budget.

3. Location of the pupil’s house.

It is rather time-consuming to go to and back by the tutor.

4. Full-time & Part-time tutor.

Full-time tutors travel from one pupil’s place to the next place to offer private tuition. They have the capability to determine every single pupil’s weak points and also the issue confronted by pupils. They’re knowledgeable about the syllabus because they have coached exactly the same subject areas with various pupils.

The part-time tutors are busy during work hours because they hold a full-time job. Part-time tutor is available for tuition typically throughout weekends as well as in weekday’s night times from Seven pm onwards. They’re more prepared to take slightly lower tuition fee.